We headed for Scotland's Capital on a warm, sunny still day. The drive down was traffic-free, and we made the journey with time to spare. Tim had taken the train down the previous night, and stayed right in the city centre with an old Uni chum of his. We were graciously allowed to use his flat to change and refresh before heading to register with the Fringe committee.
Jim had other ideas of course, as his pal and his wife were in Auld Reekie on their way, via the Orient Express, to the west coast (of Scotland, not Siberia). He asked if we would sing happy birthday to Mrs. Finnie at their hotel. This was agreed on, but what we didn't know was that said hotel was at the opposite end of the city centre, and took a good half-hour's walk to reach! To add insult to injury ~ they had GONE!!
Great day weather-wise, audience-wise, singing-wise and other-wise!
The atmosphere at the festival was electric, and our efforts were very much appreciated by all who were kind enough to stop and listen.


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