Not a lot of rehearsal time or gigs this month, owing to Colin being busy with the Central Heating business (necessary in Scotland) and Tim being on assignment with University.
We still managed to support the Silver City Singers at their inaugural performance at Cloverfield Grove.
What a super evening! These guys are good to sing with, and the audience want us back! ~ Not sure if the mean us or the SCS ~ Maybe both?
Tim is off to England over most of December, then a northerly posting for a few months - then he is off to ZIMBABWE!
We won't see the little ragamuffin until May 2013.
Luckily, we have a stand-in Baritone in the shape of Fred working hard on our repertoire to fill in the gap.
More on this later.
Our voices were requested at a social event held at the Culter Church hall. This was in celebration of the start of the new session we were informed.
The same organisers who staged the highly successful "Culter's got Talent" in July, were hard at work helping the parishoners to a night of fun, eating and entertainment.
We shared the stage with "Vocal Zone", a ladies quartet from the many times British champions Aberdeen Chorus of Sweet Adelines.
It was a one on - mix with the folk - other on  type of evening, but the mixing with the folk seemed to go down well, and we made many new friends.
We were invited to sing at the Blue Lamp in the "Big Accoustic Night Out" event.
This was held in the main hall /bar/auditorium/stage.
Crowded doesn't begin to describe the atmosphere there. There was a singular "Buzz" about the place, and acappella singing appears to go down well owing to it's rarity,. We were cheered well as we negotiated our way over all the guitar cases, off the stage.
We headed for Scotland's Capital on a warm, sunny still day. The drive down was traffic-free, and we made the journey with time to spare. Tim had taken the train down the previous night, and stayed right in the city centre with an old Uni chum of his. We were graciously allowed to use his flat to change and refresh before heading to register with the Fringe committee.
Jim had other ideas of course, as his pal and his wife were in Auld Reekie on their way, via the Orient Express, to the west coast (of Scotland, not Siberia). He asked if we would sing happy birthday to Mrs. Finnie at their hotel. This was agreed on, but what we didn't know was that said hotel was at the opposite end of the city centre, and took a good half-hour's walk to reach! To add insult to injury ~ they had GONE!!
Great day weather-wise, audience-wise, singing-wise and other-wise!
The atmosphere at the festival was electric, and our efforts were very much appreciated by all who were kind enough to stop and listen.




July 2012 -     In 2007 (we were called "Deep Blue" then) we won the "ECHT FACTOR" ~ I know, however we were asked to be part of a winners' concert at the annual Agricultural Show this year. The evening went well, with various local talent showing off their skills to the public in a HUGE Marquee.
Following the final massed sing of a special song made up for the occasion, we made our way into Aberdeen City, and the Blue Lamp venue, where "Acoustic Fuse" was taking place. This is the smaller version of the monthly "Big Acoustic Night Out". We'd never attended this event, and to be honest, we shall confine our efforts to the bigger hall downstairs, as the ambient noise was overwhelming. We couldn't hear ourselves, and for Harmony Singing and voice placement, this is a must.
We still had a good time, and the audience seemed to enjoy what we did.

June 2012 -
A Jubilee Jamboree at the Duthie Park was
put on by the Aberdeen City Council. Several acts from the region (including us)
were asked to perform onstage during the afternoon. The weather was dry, and the
day had promise.
Came our slot and live onstage, and the soundsystem wasn't set up properly, however the audience didn't seem fazed!
To cheer ourselves up, we went into the Winter Gardens
to sing to the passing plant-fanciers. After a short time, there were 100 - plus
people congregated for the free mini-concert. This not only bouyed our spirits,
but we got a gig out of it!! ~ Win!

May 2012 - 
We entered the Aberdeen Music Festival
(missed it last year owing to illness) and won gold in the Barbershop Quartet
section, then another gold award (Tim stresses that they are "Outstanding
performace awards", but the medal stamped on the certificates is gold, so neh!) 
in the Light Music Ensemble. We were honoured when the adjudicator asked us to
perfrom our songs ("I'd pay money to hear you guys" she said) in the closing
ceremony of the Festival in the Cowdray Hall, to the other judges and
adjudicators. Delighted to be asked.

Rehearsals for the Echt Show concert in July.
Entered "Culter's  got  Talent" ~ came second to a young up-and-coming singing sensation Melissa. -  
keep an eye on that one.
Sang in Harmony Explosion at the Blue  Lamp, then performed at MUSA, a restuarant in the town which specialises in live  
music and art. We were asked if we would consider a regular spot after October  -Yay!

April 2012  - recorded some songs for a CD we plan to issue. the mixing comes  later!

A new singing group is formed n Aberdeen  ~ the Silver City Singers. We provided the demonstartion of four-part harmony to
the assembled would-be tonsorial acrobats.

February 2012 -  Asked to be a surprise  birthday present for a friend at a restuarant in

January 2012 - A request to sing at  the Blue Lamp Venue in Aberdeen, at an accoustic night ~ Great response from 
the audience!

December 2011 - A two - part slot  at Dyce Church's Christmas concert went very well. Good exposure for  us.

November 2011 - A Christmas gig (yeah, ~ Keep it in  December, we know!) at a retiral complex. A good start to the

June 2011 - Our entry to the Aberdeen  Music Festival was cancelled when Duncan contracted Pancreatitis the day before
the contest, and ended up in hospital........... and we were sooo ready!!

March - 2011 Tim Lewis joined our merry  band, and started the long journey to baritoneland.

January  - 2011 Our Baritone Mike Coumans had to move on (South Africa was  involved)

November 2010 - Entertained a golden couple at an  aniversary celebration.
Travelled to Birmingham for the British  Association of Barbershop Singers Quartet competition pre-lims. Scored higher
than last time.

October 2010 - A charity  concert in St. Mark's church helped them raise money for missionary work in
Africa. Delighted to be a part of it.

September  2010 - Delighted to have been asked to perform in the Aberdeen Chorus of Sweet
Adelines Intenational's show in the Music Hall.
Sang during a  wedding ceremony in the Town Chambers in Aberdeen, then on to the Douglas Hotel
to be "Wallpaper" whilst the guests mingle.

28/Jun/10 -  Performed live at open mic nite at MUSA venue, Aberdeen. Future appearances planned.

10/Jun/10 - Entered "Music from the shows" competition in  Aberdeen and won the gold award.

8/Jun/10 - Competed in Aberdeen music  festival (Barbershop Quartet Group) and achieved the silver award.

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